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We exist to help recruiters cut through the noise, stand out, and ignite business growth.


Our 2025 vision:

A future where recruiters are considered as business-critical talent solution providers.


Projects Delivered


Boundaries Pushed


Years Experience

Latest Work.

Build a digital-first brand that cuts
through the noise and
ignites business growth.

    • 1-2-1 brand messaging workshop
    • Existing content review
    • Proposed content plan
    • Strategic advice on all content and brand messaging throughout the project
    • Brand identity creation
    • Logo design / refresh
    • Colour scheme development
    • Font and typeface selection
    • Brand imagery
    • Image application styles
    • Unique brand graphics
    • Brand toolkit creation
    • A fully bespoke or theme-based design (dependent on your budgets and timescales)
    • Inclusive of our standard recruitment tech-stack features
    • Purpose-built recruitment website platform
    • Best-in-class features and functionality
    • Branded company social headers
    • Branded consultant social headers
    • Job advert design templates
    • Social media post templates
    • Social media plan for recruiters
    • Strategic advice on how to maximise results on social media
    • Brand launch plan - “How to get an ROI on your investment in 30 days”
    • Strategic advice on how to maximise the success of your brand launch

Our DNA.


We partner.

We believe in partnerships. Consider us as an extension to your team.


We question.

We ask why. We thrive on objective driven campaigns and brave ideas.


That'll do, won't do.

We don’t settle for mediocracy. Second best isn’t good enough. We won’t settle until we’ve delivered on our promises.


Knowledge is power.

We believe in educating our clients. What’s ours is yours. We’ll keep you in the know.


We are Bold.

We’re brave in all of our actions. We back ourselves. We go the extra mile for our clients with the confidence that we can deliver on our promises.

We're judged by the success of our clients.

  • Matt Edge-Wilkins

    Matt Edge-Wilkins

    “We’ve been working with Bold for around 18 months now and can highly recommend their services to anyone looking to update/refresh their branding and/or website. As well as being experts at building great recruitment websites and brands, they offer a best-in-class, highly personalised and professional service, with support and guidance every step of the way. I can honestly say that partnering with Bold has been one of the best decisions we have made, since we started the business in 2015.”

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  • Beth Wingad

    Beth Wingad

    “We were ready to take the FMC Talent brand to new heights, so worked with Bold on a full rebrand project. This was a great decision, Bold were the perfect brand partner. From start to finish the team were brilliant, their response times were incredibly speedy and nothing was too much hassle. The whole team really got to know us and what we liked (and what we didn't!) and helped us to dig into exactly what would evolve our brand in the best possible way from both a visual and a copywriting perspective. They listened to us but also pushed us when we needed it to help us make some more bold (no pun intended) decisions. We’ve ended up with a brand and website that we’re chuffed to bits with - big thanks to everyone at Bold!”

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  • Ebba Karlsson

    Ebba Karlsson

    “I had the pleasure of working with Bold to develop our new website, which was a true success. Collaborating with the project management guys was an incredible experience - always professional, service-minded and with the ability to solve all our business problems to deliver an excellent end product. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a website partner! Honourable mention to support and the wider Bold team as they always support our customer service needs in a friendly and efficient way - can't recommend them enough!”

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  • James Hinsley

    James Hinsley

    “I'm really excited to launch our new website, months of hard work has gone into the build and it's now the perfect place to showcase what we do and why we do it. We've grown so much over the last 4 years and this solidifies the moves we've made in building the brand and the business into 2021 and beyond. Bold created it so you can find everything from what we do for our clients and the Synchro Community to our values, services and our epic team. A huge thank you to the guys over at Bold for helping us achieve this. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

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  • Joey Tait

    Joey Tait

    “We worked with Bold on a full brand creation project from scratch. They helped us define our brand strategy and core brand messages (everything from our DNA and positioning to our mission/vision). Their team then created our visual identity and built our new website. We couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

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  • Benjamin Holmes

    Benjamin Holmes

    “We are extremely happy with the end result following our project with Bold. They were very easy to work with and honest throughout the process. I couldn’t recommend their people and their work highly enough.”

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  • Dominic Coyne

    Dominic Coyne

    “We have just completed a massive rebrand of our business in partnership with Bold. The brand development and website development processes were a doddle. The chaps tuned in to our company culture and concept from day one and it was a pleasure working with the Bold Identities guys throughout. We are chuffed to bits with our finished product, it is spot on and the feedback from clients has been amazing.”

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  • Chris Peace

    Chris Peace

    “The whole team at Bold take the time to really understand your business and what the end goal is. For us they managed an entire re-brand from start to finish including a new website build. They are there with you every step of the way and the attention they give to your project is amazing. We finished the project on time, on budget and personally I am delighted with the end result. We added a lot of new technology to our website and any technical challenges were greeted with a "can do attitude". You won't be disappointed. They talk the talk, but importantly also walk the walk.”

    rating rating rating rating rating
  • Eleni Franklin

    Eleni Franklin

    “Bold were a pleasure to work with from start to finish and made the whole process of getting a new website straightforward. We especially found the exercises around brand useful and think this really sets them apart from other companies. Sam quickly understood our company and our values and helped us transport these across visually. Would definitely recommend embarking on a project with them!”

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  • Conor Marks

    Conor Marks

    “Bold simultaneously undertook the construction of 2 website’s for our group and I was thoroughly impressed with the process from start to finish. They were patient in listening to our many requests on the design and functionality front, whilst offering expert advice and input along the way. It’s always a pleasure to work with people who not only deliver on everything they promise but do so in a friendly and agreeable manner. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone considering their services.”

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  • Simon Monaghan

    Simon Monaghan

    “Well what can I say about the project managers for my new website, client portal, talent vault and client microsites project. They helped me navigate a very complex process with the minimum of fuss, no request was too small. They were patient, fun to talk to and ultimately delivered exactly what I had in my head, which was one of the proudest moments of my life. Couldn't recommend Bold enough. So great. will tell you why I'm so happy!”

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  • Mark Bracknall

    Mark Bracknall

    “We needed a new website which took our business to the next level. A website isn’t just a place people come for information now. It’s an extension of the business and the shop window. Bold delivered an incredible website for us, which has really help give our firm a platform showcase what we are about. It captured who we are perfectly and we couldn’t be happier.”

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  • Suzanne Fuller

    Suzanne Fuller

    “We had been putting off rebranding for years until we were referred to Bold. We worked with Sam and Chris and found them to be engaging and quick to offer structured advice. We ended up completing a brand refresh and a full website rebuild. I really enjoyed the process and would recommend working with Bold without hesitation. The feedback on the new site has been great and I have a brand to be proud of.”

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  • Chris Cayley

    Chris Cayley

    “I want to say a big thank you to the team at Bold for all the hard work they put in to our new branding and website. It's been a lot of fun working with everyone and I'm personally grateful for all the patience, support and understanding throughout the project. Now that it's out there and we're seeing it on LinkedIn, on email and so on it's really exciting and I'm so proud of it!”

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  • Shaun Hobson

    Shaun Hobson

    “Bold are simply brilliant. With their knowledge and expertise coming from the recruitment industry it simply sets them apart as they understand the needs of the client. Working with Bold has been a pleasure for both of my companies (Hobbs Legal & Job Legal Board).”

    rating rating rating rating rating
  • Brandon Hussain

    Brandon Hussain

    “Avanti engaged Bold with two clear objectives – to help us deliver a whole new brand identity and build a new bespoke website that represented the brand we are today. From the outset they were able to work with us at a strategic level to help us define our brand strategy which included our vision, DNA and positioning to enable us to create a brand that resonated with our customers. The website PM team helped us deliver a website that encapsulated our new brand and it's fair to say both myself and the team at Avanti are very proud of the end result. Thanks again Bold for all your help.”

    rating rating rating rating rating
  • Laura Hickman

    Laura Hickman

    “Having worked with Bold for several months, we have just launched our new website and updated branding. The team at Bold are extremely responsive, flexible and accommodating - no task was too big and their communication has been spot on every step of the way. They met our brief perfectly and created innovative designs along the way. The whole team at Distinct are thrilled with our new site and we’ve received great feedback from customers as well.”

    rating rating rating rating rating
  • Gareth Jones

    Gareth Jones

    “Bold helped us bring our vision to life! Our Account Managers were very easy to work with, never missing a weekly meeting or update to ensure we were on track to launching our site by our desired deadline. They guided us through the project and were very clear about what decisions and materials they needed from us at each stage in the process. If there was a piece that they didn’t specialize in, they referred us in the right direction. I get compliments all the time on the clarity and uniqueness of our website, thanks to Bold!”

    rating rating rating rating rating
  • Joe Gregory

    Joe Gregory

    “Thank you to Bold for everything! I have to say in any context of all of the suppliers we have worked with in the last six years, Bold stands head and shoulders above. Absolutely nailed what we were looking for and delivered to the highest standard.”

    rating rating rating rating rating
  • Bret Cullinan

    Bret Cullinan

    “It has been a privilege for sweetgreen to partner with the Bold team since 2018. Bold is a company that cares passionately about delivering great talent brand experiences for their clients. Their flexibility to work back and forth on creating design-forward but effective recruiting products is truly in the best interest of the customer.”

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  • John Lennon

    John Lennon

    “This is our 4th website and never has it been so easy or satisfying. The communication from day 1 was top notch and Bold seemed to get what we want immediately. We were informed and advised every step of the way and we are absolutely delighted with our final product - a brand new brand identity, and an excellent digital presence that we can be proud of.”

    rating rating rating rating rating
  • Graham Hale

    Graham Hale

    “Bold offer a refreshing change to the digital agency norm. They understand that it’s a journey for your brand, and that things change along the way as you come up with new ideas, talk to customers and get input from your business.”

    rating rating rating rating rating
  • Will Kellett

    Will Kellett

    “Selecting a partner to take your ideas and create a digital presence that is not only your brand, but also an asset is a tough task. The team at Bold delivered brilliantly for us, they were responsive, flexible and genuinely a joy to deal with. From creating our brand identity, to new functionally and ideas their input and expertise were invaluable.”

    rating rating rating rating rating
  • Andrew Harris

    Andrew Harris

    “Talisman engaged with the Bold team to help us build our brand strategy and website. The team did a fantastic job over the three months we worked together. The project management team was available throughout the website build process, managing the development team very effectively and serving as a conduit for the Talisman team's feedback and fine-tuning. The end product met the brief and was executed to a high degree of professionalism. I would highly recommend the team at Bold - thank you!”

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