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Chimp Paradox – Steve Peters – Book Review!


Want to work like a senior manager or succeed like an elite athlete? Well, focus and confidence go a long way to achieving this. Steve Peters is a psychiatrist that has successfully helped stellar performers with a mind-management programme the gives you control back.

Recommended reading for…
Anyone who hasn’t looked in the mirror and appraised what they want to be with any introspection and analysis. Countering the programming that we all get bogged down with in life, this book lets you separate the rational human and the instinctive chimp that lies within all of us. Use it if you want to make better decisions.

Key takeaways
The chimp element of our psyche is dominant and can take over a lot of our thinking. Peters uses scientific research to see how these two parts of the brain compete. Once we know what is going on in there, we are better able to control how we react.

Key quotes
“Do not measure ‘reasonable’ by your own standards and then impose them on to others because everyone has different standards.”
“When you decide to do something, remind yourself that it is commitment not motivation that matters.”
“the person that you want to be is the person that you really are.”

If you want to know the science behind some of our actions then this is the ideal book for you. Becoming better at what you do takes more than a little understanding of the underlying causes of our decisions. Being in control takes on a new meaning when you become aware of the chimp brain and how it impacts how you are – and how you act.

Richard Evans – Client Services Director

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