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An employer brand is intangible. An employer brand identity however, is a tangible asset that adds value to your business and promotes what you stand for across all media platforms. A strong customer brand identity commands a higher value premium price. A strong employer brand identity commands top-level talent, the cream of the crop that thrusts your business in the direction you are looking to head. 

Below are a few of the benefits gained from investing in your employer brand...


Attract top talent to your company

When the right people are aware of your employer brand identity, you have a group of people that are more likely to apply for relevant roles with you in the future. When you impress people with your employer brand, you have ready-made candidates for your future roles. You have a better quality of applicant to choose from because you have created a brand within your industry that draws talent towards you.


Retain the best talent in your company

The impact that your employer brand has is not just on your potential new recruits. The people that already work for you are an even bigger consideration. If you don’t look after them and make them feel a part of your brand, you may lose them to a rival. A great employer brand motivates your team. A great employer brand improves productivity. A great employer brand keeps your best people with you.


Differentiate yourself from the competition

If you want to attract the best talent then you need to look like the employer that the best talent wants to work for. Talent attraction has become more and more competitive and only the best employer brands will consistently attract and retain the best talent. You need your message to resonate with the right individuals and by having an employer brand that sets you apart from the competition then you are well on the road to achieving this.


Increase your profits and decrease your recruitment spend

Creating an employer brand identity does not come for free: it takes work. But in the long run it is a crucial investment of your money that will offer an exponential return on investment. As you gather a pool of talent that wants to hear from you via email subscriptions, social media or your careers website, you will see your recruitment costs fall significantly. You want to attract talent that takes your company to the next level, instead of just replacing what you have. Because of this, creating a strong and visible employer brand identity within your own industry can help you to unearth top performers that will improve your business and subsequently increase your bottom line.

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