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Engaging with your talent market through content marketing is a tool that forward-thinking businesses should embrace. It’s a proven success. You can connect with potential new employees and build a relationship that you can nurture over the longer term. 

When you are ready to recruit, these people will be more likely to apply for the vacancy you advertise because they know you, hopefully like you and have built up a level of trust. 

Recruitment changes every day, thanks to technology. Social media and the internet make mass communication fast and cost-effective. You now need to think like a marketer and blogger as well as thinking like a recruiter. SEO counts.


Potential benefits of content marketing for your recruiters:


It generates website clicks

Google loves new and relevant content. By having relevant content with the right keywords in the right frequency you will get your careers site noticed and move it up the search engine rankings. When you have a job to advertise you want it to appear as high as possible on the search pages. Having relevant content helps you to achieve this.


It is cost-efficient and effective?

It can be costly if you pay for clicks through a search engine such as Google. Your content will help you naturally rise up the rankings so you don’t have to spend the money on doing it artificially. Candidates who work in your industry will keep informed about your industry. By having relevant content in the right places you will gain exposure from the next set of potential applicants for your next vacancy. Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media outlets to ensure that your word gets out there. 

If you can feed your industry with relevant and interesting news and ideas on a regular basis then you will be the recruiter of choice when candidates in your industry decide to look for their next opportunity.


It generates a bigger brand marketing presence

We have seen that your brand is all-important. A cheap and effective way to get your brand out there is to produce content that gets you seen. By writing relevant content and marketing it effectively on social media you have a ready-made audience that will grow into a pool of potential applicants whenever you have a new position available.

The effect of providing quality readable content is that others can easily share it. When someone reads and likes your post, the reader’s contacts will be informed. This can start off a chain reaction as the work you produce gains more readers. Don’t forget that today's candidate spend a lot of time on social media and share what they like with their peers.


Managing your communication

The content you produce needs to be kept fresh and up to date. You need to manage your social media accounts in the same way that you manage all of your communication because it is another face of your company. For some social media users this will be the only communication they have with your company. Make sure it is a good interaction that enhances their impression of your business.

There is a lot of competition for the time of your potential recruits. So don’t waste the little time you have with them. Repeats of content you have already posted or out of date information will only cause candidates to bypass you next time. Make sure that you post information that means something to the reader more than it does to you.


Attracting prospective candidates

The point of advertising vacancies on social media is to get a response. Measure the response you are getting and make sure that you get the best from it. If you are not getting the type of response you hoped for, you may need to revisit your strategy here. There is a lot of competition for the best talent so you need to ensure that your content is relevant and easily understood.

When you have a regular line of communication open with many people in your industry you are on the road to making your recruitment efforts more efficient and streamlined. If you send regular emails to a particular group and get good feedback then this may be the group that your next new recruit comes from. Keep the lines of communication open and respond to any requests for information. If the people in your industry are talking to you and about you then you will have an easier time when it comes to attracting candidates in the future.

All of this revolves around trust. If you treat people’s time with care, and any information they give you with confidentiality, you become one of the trusted sources of information in your industry. When this happens people will naturally move towards you in their career thinking and treasure more highly any job opening with you over those with your rivals. 

How do you create content marketing that wins you a better quality and quantity of applicant for your next vacancy? 

The book Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi looks at six principles of content marketing and how they fit together to help you with your business.

  1. Fill a need
  2. Be consistent
  3. Be human
  4. Have a point of view
  5. Avoid sales speak
  6. Be best of breed

Own your niche by following these steps and position yourself as a go-to expert.

Not all the words that your company produces every day should be considered as your content. The content marketing element is only those words that talks to your potential applicants of the future. Today's candidates are adept at social media so they can spot the difference between a sales pitch and something that is genuinely helpful. The key is to tell a story, to share an idea or to give advice.

The idea behind content marketing is to build a connection with your audience. This will keep you at the forefront of their mind. Whether it is buying a new watch or looking for a new job, the connection that you and that prospect have made is invaluable. It means that they come to you for answers. Joe Pulizzi emphasises this principle as a key one on the road to becoming epic in content marketing.

The reader of your content wants to get something in return for their time. This can be:

  • A freebie
  • A piece of information that they didn’t know
  • Something to pique their interest
  • Knowledge that can help them

Your communication needs to be relevant and consistent. Your reader will build up a profile of you and expect something similar every time they interact with you. If they signed up for your content because they like what you give them, changing it might drive them away. You need to provide your reader with what they signed up for or the trust in your communication goes out of the window and you risk losing them forever. When looking to attract and retain top  talent the key is to broaden your sphere of influence, not to narrow it.

Today's candidates know how to use the internet better than any other generation. The content you provide needs to resonate in a way that nothing else does. You need to write something unique that the reader can’t get anywhere else. This means that your advice and information becomes indispensable because it does something that nobody else’s does. It doesn’t have to be ground breaking, but it does have to have a USP so you stand out. The internet is full of content. What is going to make someone read yours?

Your company identity can really come out through the content you publish. If you stand for something different or want to let the world know your ideals, content helps you get the word out there. Don’t end up with bland content because you are afraid of offending potential clients or recruits. If your company has points of view, express them.

Make sure that the content you write is just that – content. Don’t get caught up trying to sell everything your company produces through the medium of content marketing. That’s not what it’s about, and it won’t win you friends. The content you produce should be efficient and meaningful, not full of sales messages.

Over time, the content you produce should be of as high quality as you can make it. Once you have started to produce high-quality content on a regular basis you will be the place to go for the people who operate in your industry. You want to become an authority on all matters that mean something in your industry and the way to do this is to show your authority through your content. Joe Pulizzi calls this ‘becoming recognized as the best of its breed’.


Making it happen

You can, and should, communicate with your customers and your potential applicants in a variety of ways. So many of these methods are free to use and can be accessed at any time of the day or night by you and your potential market. As Joe Pulizzi might say, ‘Make sure that your content is epic!’

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