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Technology continues apace in all areas of life, and recruitment is no different. To be able to attract the top talent you need to produce new and innovative ways of engaging your audience and retaining their interest.

The latest developments have married the functionality of the dating app with the more traditional job listings website to produce something that users love because it is easy to use and produces results fast. Don’t forget that one of the defining characteristics of today's candidates is that they use technology to get the answers they want quickly. It is only a good thing for your recruitment if you have a functional and quality mobile recruitment app for your end-users to utilise when they are looking for their next job role. 

It is said that more than half of all those looking for a job will search on a smartphone or tablet; this figure will only be higher in the younger generation that has grown up using technology in their everyday life. The use of a mobile recruitment app will put your company at the front of the queue when people are looking for their next employer because it shows a dedication to excellence and an understanding of technology that will set you apart from other recruiters. The app, like your website, will give information about the roles you have available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every week of the year. It is able to give information and attract talent whether your company is open or closed. You can directly communicate with your potential applicants without the need for costly verbal communication in the first instance and without the need for costly recruitment agencies. The great recruitment apps are still to be developed so it is a good time to get into the market and produce something that blows your competition away. Here’s what a great recruitment app should look like and do.


It needs to work hard for recruiters AND applicants 

The app needs to fulfil a need on both sides of the equation – that of the recruiters and the applicants. It won’t survive if it just serves the purpose of only one side, because it won’t get the users from the other side that makes it worthwhile. Developing an app is about far more than just the technology involved. You could commission a recruitment app from any number of developers but if you don’t understand what it needs to do and communicate this effectively you will have no hope of making the right app. It needs to provide enough information to the applicants in order for them to make a decision about which jobs to apply for. It needs to provide enough information about the applicants so that the recruiter can make a decision about whose application to progress. The clever recruitment app needs to do this in a way that doesn’t overload either side with needless information. So it is a balancing act to make sure that both sides are happy.


It needs to be user-friendly

This is an absolute must because the best apps are those that are easy to understand and easy to use. The simple swipe that has been borrowed from the dating apps is a great way to get people to understand immediately what you want them to do. If they swipe left then the job opportunity is discarded and if you swipe right then it goes into a “yes” pile. What happens next is also crucial because if that “yes” pile just sits on the app then it might get lost forever. You could generate an email with all of the jobs put into the “yes” pile in one visit to the app so that the user is prompted to follow that through by reading more or making a full application.


Add the extras 

Your app needs to cover the basics as outlined above but there is so much more that you as a recruiter wants to know about your potential applicants, so there is scope to add extras. If you allow people to upload a short video resume or answer some specific questions then you will gain a further insight into those using your app and whether they are suited to your company. You can learn a lot here from LinkedIn because they encourage people to add more information rather than force them to. Every time you log on it tells you how complete your profile is and you feel encouraged to add a little more to make the percentage increase. Your app can encourage people to add more and this means that they are more engaged with the app and you get the benefit of more information to enable a decision to be made. The more information that is uploaded, the better your results will be because you will have access to more accurate information about your prospects.


Different channels 

Your app is one way of getting people more engaged with your recruitment efforts and your employer brand. But, as with all recruitment, the more multi-channel you can make it the more effective it will become. Your social media can promote your app and your app can promote your social media. All should link back to your careers page. The underlying messages here are twofold. First, make sure that you can reach as many people as possible by being in all the right places. Second, you need to have engaging content. A list of words on a page of what a job is all about will eventually be replaced by videos explaining the job so you need to ensure that your content is engaging from the outset. The thought of a new job is exciting for anyone. What fills people with dread is reading through job descriptions, filling out application forms and fighting through recruitment websites. If your app can make this process quicker and easier, your applicants will love you forever. They just want an easy life and a quick result.


Give relevant notifications

The power of the mobile app has been multiplied by the notification settings on most smartphones. It allows the app developer to send relevant information to the person who has downloaded the app. Those people that have downloaded a recruitment app may look at it every now and again if they are searching for a job. Those that just have the app on their smartphone will be far more likely to use the app and apply for your jobs if they get a relevant notification when a suitable job is posted. This is multiplying the power of the app by engaging the passive user as well as the active user. 

A mobile app to promote your jobs and enhance the perception of your employer brand is a great way to develop the way that you recruit. Once you are able to engage your prospects on the move and send them push notifications when something relevant comes up then you will get access to a greater number of applicants. This will drive up the number of people that you reach with any new vacancy and should drive up the quality of applicants because you are reaching more people and gathering better information on them. Every area that you improve with regards to your recruitment efforts is a step in the right direction to becoming more effective and more efficient in your search for new team members for your company. Candidates will be found much more easily on their smartphone than in any other area of life so you need to put yourself in a position where they can find you.

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