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The social intranet that your company employs can mean a great deal to your recruitment and retention of the top talent that your company needs to thrive in the business world. The company intranet is changing and the best social intranets can make a real difference to what you do. 

Here is our guide to the 6 features that you need to include on your social intranet platform.

  • A messaging service that allows people to communicate and collaborate over departments and locations really transforms the way your social intranet is used. It is more than email because it allows comments to be added, the content to be shared and people to work together to create living documents that help the rest of the workforce.
  • So this leads to the second point which is making sure that your social intranet has the ability for people to leave comments. It transforms the way in which it is used so someone may read an article and then add their own tip on how to implement what has been written. This means that the end user gets a working document that has been tried out by someone else.
  • The use of short videos is a great feature of a quality social intranet. One particular department or sales team may have a message to deliver about a new procedure or new product and the use of a short video to deliver that message can add real value to it. So information can travel very quickly though the company and be used to enhance what is being offered to customers.
  • It is the perfect place for the employee referral scheme to live. An effective employee referral scheme can save a lot of time and money for your company in terms of recruitment. The social intranet is the ideal place for your current team to find the information about the scheme and submit their application here.
  • It is somewhere where new recruits can carry out part of their on-boarding. The social intranet is a fantastic place to store information about the company, training videos and how-to guides. The social intranet will give tour brand new starters a place to see the company’s core values and learn about what makes you tick. Your new recruits instantly feel as though they are part of a professional, modern and caring organisation.
  • It needs to have the ability for any department to upload their own content. It can be a very inclusive medium because any department can have access to it. In the past, company communication always came from the top and was then filtered down through the layers of the organisation. The social intranet is unlike this traditional approach because different departments can upload their own content so it becomes more of a network than a chain of command.

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