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Google launches its new Search Engine: Google for Jobs


Google launches its new Search Engine: Google for Jobs
In 2017, Google rolled out it’s new job search engine in the US: Google for Jobs. The service aims to make it easier for jobseekers to find their ideal role using AI to closely match job searching criteria.
Google remain pretty tight-lipped about when this will be rolled out in the UK, but it’s widely rumoured to be launched imminently.

How is Google for Jobs different to other job boards?
Google for Jobs aims to make job searching easier for candidates. It uses machine learning to collate millions of job postings from all over the internet. It aims to connect job seekers with job posts suited to them. For example, if a candidate searched for a ‘sales assistant’ role, Google for Jobs would return a range of related jobs, such as ‘retail associate’. Furthermore, candidates will be able to funnel their search using a range of parameters such as: Job Title, Category, Type, Full/Part Time, Location, Posting Date

A way in which the process is also made easier is through a ‘one click apply,’ saving the candidate time and effort of having to enter their details for multiple applications. The platform integrates into Google and job posts display at the top of the page. Additionally, Google do not intend to compete with other on-line job boards such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Careers Websites and Monster but allow jobs from these sites to gain further exposure.

As Google for Jobs is such as new feature, it is currently difficult to see how it may impact upon other job boards. Nevertheless, statistics released by Google do reveal that there is a definite requirement for such a feature. Particularly, Google has revealed that 30% of all searches on the search engine relate to jobs. Inevitably, Google is a large organisation and has the resources to make their new service a success.

To ensure that your job vacancies have a chance of been featured on Google for Jobs it’s important to consider the following factors –

Google schemas: Google tends to favour content that is detailed and structured. Schema is something that Google uses to provide context around information. To target the correct location for your job, it is important to specify the exact location of where it is based. For example, Central Leeds as opposed to the North of England.

Increasing website speed: Speed can affect a websites ranking on Google. By making improvements, you’re almost guaranteed to see immediate improvements in organic traffic. Organic traffic is traffic that comes to your site via search engines. This is particularly important on mobile devices.

Improving content: Content can be enhanced for search engines using appropriate keywords within the title, header, body and URL. This ensures that Google knows the content being addressed. As Google uses machine learning to group searches together, it is good at recognising content topic. Successful job postings need to contain relevant keywords, in addition to being engaging. They also need to have backlinks from quality sources. Backlinks are when another website links to yours. Websites of better credibility help increase scores on Google.

Improvements for mobile: Most people these days use mobile devices for their job search. If you haven’t optimised your site for mobile, you are missing out on a large aspect of your audience
Google for Jobs is imminent, and this may affect your recruitment website & job board, particularly from an SEO perspective.

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