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How an instant chat function can benefit your recruitment agency


How an instant chat function can benefit your recruitment agency

Providing excellent customer service is essential for any recruitment agency, so being there to answer questions instantly can boost the connection you make with candidates and hiring managers alike. The phone is one way of doing this, but how do you make it happen on your website? Well, an instant chat function can really help here. There are many reasons you might use instant chat on your recruitment website. Here are the top ones -

It can pop up with advice on a job advert
How easy would it be if your instant chat popped up and told your visitor who to make contact with, how to apply or where to look for more details? Website users want everything handed to them on a plate. Your instant chat function can transform their visit into one that is a breeze rather than a drag.
If someone is looking at a particular job, then they have some interest in it. Make sure you capture all the quality potential candidates by making is as easy as possible for them to understand how to apply.

It shows you are available
There’s nothing worse for a potential employer to feel like they are being neglected by a recruitment agency. They will walk away and take their business with them. If they visit your website and see the instant chat, then this can work for you in 2 ways –
• It will give off the impression that you are always available
• They may use the chat function and save valuable time for both of you
Instant chat can help deal with those small questions that some might not feel they can ask. It means you get to keep people happy without taking on extra people to man the phones.

It helps to differentiate your internal roles
An instant chat can pop up with a different message on the “work for us” page with a friendly message for your own internal hires. This ensures that you have a distinct and engaging message for the roles you are advertising in your own business.
You want the best candidates, as this will help you to provide the best service in the future. Making your own pages appealing will help you to secure the best talent available. You can provide this as an additional service for our best clients too!

It secures hiring businesses
They may only be browsing your website, perhaps comparing the service offered, when a pop up could persuade a hiring manager to work with you. It can pop up on a client page asking them to book a call to have a consultation. This level of interaction can seal the deal with a top client because they can see you are ahead of the game.

Instant chat can point people to similar roles
If a visitor to your website is looking at a particular role, then you have a good idea whet they are looking for. But it might not be the ideal role for them. Instant chat can direct them to details of similar roles that may suit them better. Think about how you can use the instant chat to pop up suitable alternatives for someone to consider.
Instant chat has a number of features that can help your recruitment agency connect with candidates and recruiters in more effective way. Think about the difference it can make for your business.

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