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How can I encourage users to go beyond the homepage of my recruitment website?


How can I encourage users to go beyond the homepage of my recruitment website?

It is becoming increasingly common for job seekers to discover and apply for jobs through recruitment websites. Moreover, some roles are only exclusively advertised through recruitment agency sites. As a result, it has never been more important to retain visitors on your site. So, if your recruitment website is experiencing a high bounce rate (i.e. the number of visitors who only visit the first page) It may be useful to start looking at why this is occurring. And in this post, we have provided several reasons why this might be happening.

Why am I experiencing such a high bounce rate on my site?

Tips that can encourage users to look beyond your home page include:

Outdated design. Old fashioned sites don’t appeal to a modern audience. Contrastingly, a well-designed, up to date site builds trust. And can retain your audience.

Difficult to read content. Content is the most important aspect of your website. So, make it clear, relevant and readable.

Unclear navigation. Clear navigation is essential. Without it, your site can be a confusing mess, users will not be able to find what whey want and they will leave

Site lacking personality. How would you summarise the personality of your business? Does your site reflect this? Are you appealing to your target audience?

Slow loading. 40% of customers would abandon a site if it takes over three seconds to load. Ensure that this doesn’t happen on your site. As ultimately, you could lose business.

Product benefits not clear. Are the benefits of your site clear? Sites, such as e-commerce sites, sometimes list product features, instead of benefits. Try and outline the benefits customers would achieve by using your recruitment agency

Site unresponsive. Is your site built for mobile? Responsive design allows your users to access your site, irrespective of the device they are using.

Site has too many adverts. We suggest removing adverts, if they are used on your site. This is because users will become distracted. And there is a risk of losing them.

No ‘about’ page. In recruitment sites, the about us page provides a perfect opportunity for clients to find out more about you. If a candidate feels they don’t have sufficient information about the company, they may look elsewhere.

No ‘call to actions.’ As a recruiter, you probably have multiple actions that you wish customers to take. E.g. job enquiries, or applications. Are these steps clear on your site?

What does this mean to my website?
Presently, the number of candidates that are applying for jobs through recruitment sites is high. For some roles, applying for a specific job may only be possible through a specific recruiter. Yet many recruiters make the mistake of not utilising essential techniques on their site to discourage high bounce rates. In response to this, we have outlined a range of techniques in this post that will encourage your customers to go beyond just your homepage.

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