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One of the biggest pain points when recruiting is the time and effort it takes hiring managers to hire top talent. Follow the below steps to weed out weaker candidates and maximise your time with top performers.



The interview is a two way process. You must always be selling to your candidates. Sell the opportunity to work for your company to a candidate. Concentrate initially on the positives and the great parts of the role. Get them bought into you, your vision, the company and the opportunity before you start to really test them.



Once you have sold the opportunity and made them aware of the benefits, be honest about the negatives. Paint a bleak picture of the worst days in the role. This will test their personality and if they lack enthusiasm at this point, you have spotted a weaker candidate early, without committing too much of your time to the process.


Test Commitment

Test commitment early on and see how serious they are. Don’t waste your time on people who aren’t 100% bought into your business and vision. Give them a small task to complete straight after the first meeting. This could be as simple as calling back later that day at a specific time to reconfirm availability for a second interview.



Move quickly. Keep the process as swift as possible and act with pace on serious talent. Good talent will get snapped up and you don’t want to miss out to your competition because you took too long to make a decision..


Keep it personal 

Keep it personal. Give your personal contact details and a business card to good interviewees. Take an interest on a personal level. A good leader, rather than a company, will excite people. 


As you no doubt already champion, “people buy from people!”

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