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Is your recruitment agency experiencing success through your current marketing strategy?


Many recruitment agencies believe that the best way to market their current vacancies is to spend money posting them on job boards. Although this can contribute to some success, it can be expensive. There are other potentially more effective ways to advertise job posts that can also save on marketing budget and we have explained these below.

Focus on SEO, customer interest and database marketing

Improve SEO: Make your agency more findable by improving SEO through including location, key skills and job titles within URLs. By doing this, it can make candidates find relevant job posts through search engines. This can be further enhanced by utilising semantic search, which makes it clear what your user is looking for. Use of social media and blogs can be used to promote your company and current roles available which can further draw potential customers to your site.

Create engaging and interesting content: Draw more customers to your site by writing interesting and informative text. Furthermore, use call-to actions to encourage customers to convert. For example: Encouraging a customer to sign up to an e-mail newsletter, apply for a job or submit a query through a form submission.

Leverage your contact: Once you start to understand why people engage with you then give more of it. Monitoring your communications and how effective they are will give you the chance to tailor the way you stay in touch. The best marketing strategy for recruiters is to segment your audience and send them relevant information. This will also make it far more likely they stay in touch even after finding a suitable role.

Use multiple platforms: Your audience might hang out in all manner of places. Make sure you engage as many relevant people as possible by using the social media platforms that make these connections. Think about how each platform works differently and make sure the content works for that platform and that audience. You will see engagement jump.

Database marketing: Keep an active, up to date database of people actively looking for employment. Improve engagement by sending regular e-mail newsletters and job alerts to potential clients to encourage them to visit your site, apply for jobs and convert. In an ideal world, it is also useful to allow your customers to log into your database, so they can keep their information up to date.

Improving findability through SEO, improving content to retain interest and maintaining an active, up to date database to engage more effectively with customers can add a real boost to your recruitment drive. Ultimately, we’re not suggesting for you to cut out job boards all together but encouraging you to combine it with other proven methods that could potentially be setting you up for success.

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