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Making The Most Of Email Marketing For Recruitment Agencies


Email marketing has developed a bad name over recent years with spam filling up many of our inboxes. We sign up in good faith when something sparks our interest but this can quickly change to another email about GDPR or PPI! Nobody wants that. With this in mind, many people have become incredibly protective over their inbox – or have gone the other way and just let it become overgrown with messages they never read.

As a recruitment agency, your email subscribers might just want to stay in touch with you while they are looking for a job only to discard everything else you say beyond that point. And that doesn’t build the kind of relationships that you want as a recruiter. There is only a certain shelf-life for this kind of communication.

How to build better email marketing campaigns

Of course, many of the people who come to you will be those looking for a new role. But that doesn’t mean you only have to keep in touch with them regarding this aspect of their work life. If you can add VALUE to their career progression, then they will stay with you far longer than the period of time they are searching for a new opportunity. Here are a few ideas for making the most of long-term email marketing and adding value to help build a relationship –

Ideas on how to produce the perfect CV. Let’s face it, when someone sees a vacancy that really floats their boat they want to get in front of the hiring manager. If you can provide them with ideas on how to out their CV together in an effective way, then they will thank you forever. The added benefit to this is that it can save you time and effort working with candidates face to face in this area.

Industry specific news. If you segment your candidates by industry (if you don’t then there are huge benefits to this approach) then you can keep them up to date with trends in the industry that really mean something to them. Major companies expanding can throw up opportunity for many. Your email subscribers will want to know what is going on – as long as you present it in a concise and interesting way.

Career progression ideas. Once someone has established themselves in a new role, the tendency can be to think that they no longer need to stay in touch with recruitment agencies. This seems a real shame when you have built up trust. If you offer sound advice on their career beyond finding that role then you can keep these applicants close. Guess what? The next time they look for a new role, you will be the first point of contact if you have kept in touch and helped them along the way.

Email marketing put together well builds long term relationships that are meaningful. If all you do is provide a list of current vacancies, then you are bound to make this short term. Nobody wants that!

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