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Recruitment Gamification. A fad? Or, the future?


Gamification - the future of recruitment? I think not….

But, I do think it will have a vital role to play over the coming years. Particularly engaging Gen Y & Z. Most notably, within the tech industry…

Gamification is starting to be used in many different areas of life. Here are our thoughts and ideas on 5 ways to gamify the recruitment process – and why it could be a great way of attracting and engaging candidates to your talent community.

  1. Technical Challenges. Create a technical test to challenge your potential recruits in a relevant scenario. It gives you an immediate snapshot of the skills and abilities of a candidate in a replica of a real life situation. Too many interviews are based on what the candidate tells the company what they can do, or what they have done previously. Gamification gives the candidate the chance to show these abilities. And, it also gives the recruiter the chance to see if what they say is true. With a relevant game or test you can see the candidate in action.
  1. Culture match, personality and psychometric tests. I’m yet come across a candidate who has been brimming with excitement about doing one of these tests in the traditional style. Why not try spicing these up and adding some fun to the task? How many firms bring in the old psychometric tests at the latter end of the interview process and end up ruling them out on the results of this? I’ve certainly come across a fair few. How about asking relevant talent to take part in a more engaging task early on in the process (potentially whilst signing up to your talent pool). This would save time and mean you only engage with candidates who you feel have the right traits to fit in with your business in the first place.
  1. Video Elevator Pitches. I reckon this is a great way to assess entry-level sales talent. In my experience, it’s impossible to judge sales attributes from looking at a CV alone. How about challenging your talent pool to a 30 second video elevator pitch? You can then interview applicants online via Skype of FaceTime in real time to see how they hold up in this situation. The video interview can use gamification to test relevant skills or knowledge. You then have a recording of how they have performed allowing you to compare with other applicants. It will make the selection process easier and allow collaboration when it comes to choosing the right candidate for the job.
  1. Make gamification part of the early recruitment process via social media platforms. Get it seen as soon as possible. Millennials are attracted to companies that are innovative and use the latest ideas and technology. Use gamification in your recruitment process and you may be able to attract better talent on a more regular basis. It enhances your employer brand as a forward- thinking progressive place to work and it gets your name out there via shares on social media.
  1. Create a virtual job fair. Traditional job fairs can be expensive to set up or join. A virtual job fair sets you apart from the competition and takes up much less of your valuable resources. This can help you to have a conversation with people that are interested in working for your company, fill vacancies and top up your talent pool. A great way to do this would be to engage via Snapchat. I certainly can’t see a 55 year-old accountant game for this, but it will certainly appeal to the younger generation of talent.

In my opinion, gamification is a useful tool for many recruiters to attract the younger generation of talent. In no way, will it ever compare to traditional interviewing, but I’m confident it’s going to play a huge part in the future of engaging talent at early stages in the recruitment process.

What’s your thoughts? A fad or the future?

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