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We’ve all experienced remarketing: you visit a website and, as if by magic, there are adverts on there for something else you’ve looked at recently – maybe that book on Amazon or the tickets to the match that you were researching. 

Remarketing is a common strategy and has quite remarkable results. It has been said to help recover up to 96% of the people who visited your site and did not take any action. This is a huge number so remarketing is something that just can’t be ignored as a way of attracting the top talent. If you miss someone the first time they’re on your careers website, a gentle reminder can help you to attract them the second time they see something from you. This heightens that continual theme of making sure that your marketing and branding is consistent. If you are to use remarketing effectively, the end user needs to be able to quickly make that connection between the remarketing they are seeing and your careers website that they have previously visited. But there is more to it than this, so we will take a look at remarketing and how it can really help you with your recruitment.

Normal internet advertising can be a little hit-and-miss, as you put your adverts on sites that you think and hope will help you, and see what happens. It is only targeted in certain ways but any users that visit the site will see your ad. Some will be relevant, some not. By using cookies, your website can store data on the end user’s computer. This means that you can show them adverts on another website that are specifically aimed at that single user. Many of your visitors will have looked at your site and may be considering their next course of action with regards to you and your company. But if they leave your website to make this decision, you have a high chance of losing them forever. Remarketing gives them a further nudge and keeps you in their mind.


Setting it up

This is done through your Google Adwords account. You can alter the exact way in which people receive your remarketing, so that they see your advert if they visit at all, or only if they visit a particular page, or other criteria that you set. This means that you can customise the recipient of your advert. It makes targeting much more specific and makes the whole process more efficient. You can set different adverts for different target groups to ensure that your remarketing is as effective as possible. You know that your average Millennial will spend a lot of time on the internet so they will see your advert on the next relevant website they click on. It raises the chance of them re-visiting your careers website and taking action this time.


Think about your audience

You want your adverts to go to the right people. If you them set up to be seen by everyone your conversion rate may still be a low figure. A great way to get the right people back to the most relevant parts of your website is to set up adverts for people who visited a certain page. If you set it up to appear to all of those that looked at your subscriber page but took no action, you can target new subscribers to push your talent pool forward and enhance the perception of your employer brand. If you set up an advert to appear to all of those that started but did not complete a job application on your website, then you will be getting a second chance at attracting these applicants. The way in which you strategise your adverts makes a huge difference to how effective they are. You can also set other parameters, and each needs to be considered carefully. For example, the amount of time that you store a cookie on the end user’s device is a really important factor. If it is an advert for a specific job vacancy you will want this to be set for a short period of time because this is when it is relevant. A remarketing advert for your subscriber page will be relevant for a longer period of time. As with much of the advice in this book, your marketing efforts are about generating relevant website traffic, not just getting numbers for the sake of it.


Your adverts 

In order for your adverts to be most effective they need to create a connection with the viewer. The point of the advert is to generate quality clicks back to your website, so consider the elements that make up a good remarketing advert. The ultimate key is the call to action. A strong call to action gives the reader a compelling reason to return to your website and complete the action that they considered on the first visit. Make sure the button to click back to your website is clear and prominent so there is less chance of it being missed. As we know, consistency of branding is vital in remarketing. Make sure your reader knows it’s you. You also need to think about where this advert will be seen and subsequently how it will be formatted. Not all sites will format your advert in the same way so you need to make sure it is as adaptable as possible and looks consistently good in all formats. 

To make the most of the potential of your adverts you need to check on the data that Google produces to ensure that they are working as well as you want them to. As with all forms of advertising you want to know the success rate to see that you are investing wisely. A great way to do this is to try out different adverts and see what the results are. If one style or type of advert is performing particularly well try to replicate that in your other adverts.


Making it more effective

Your remarketing adverts will work best when you think carefully about what you want to achieve. If your visitors take an action, they are more likely to take another action soon after. For example, if someone signs up as a subscriber with you, they will be likely to follow you on social media if your remarketing adverts prompt them to. This is a great way of leveraging one user action to encourage another. By multiplying your presence in their life, you will be far more likely to attract talent that your business is looking for. If you are a part of their online life as much as you feature in their Facebook timeline, they see your tweets and you send them a weekly email, you are more established in their psyche as the employer of choice. This makes recruitment so much easier because you have already converted potential candidates to someone who wants to work with you. All you then need is to find them the right job with your company. It is a case of growing your network to make your recruitment tasks easier now and in the future.

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