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Talent Magnets!


Increasing your talent pool!

One way to increase the pool of talent you can reach out to when looking to hire, is to build up an email list of potential recruits; a group of talent who have already shown an interest in working for your company. Imagine that you have access to a list of interested potential recruits in your target market, who have already given you permission to approach them when an opportunity arises. How can we do this?

A great way to implement this is to create Talent Magnets for each our your growing divisions that are created specifically for your target market.

How do you get the contact details of interested parties to add to your email list?

You offer them something of value or interest in exchange for their details. You also ask permission to keep them posted on updates in the future. This is known as permission marketing and it is a highly effective way to recruit into your talent pool.

Firstly, you create relevant content and information for your market to publish on your careers site and social media channels. If you are wanting to increase your talent pool of graduates for your sales division for example, then you need to think about what information they would like to get there hands on. Below are some examples:

  • Take our test: Have you got what it takes to be our next sales superstar?
  • Free E-guide! 10 Tips for ambitious graduates to progress their career in Sales.
  • Free Report. Find out how ‘John Smith’ progressed from a Graduate Trainee to Sales Director with our firm in 5 years.

You get the drift...  Offer something that sparks interest in your target market. Get their contact details, gain permission and add value to them with relevant content.

Recruiting is a sales process! Just like sales, people won’t buy into your company unless they know you, like you and want what you can offer. These things don’t happen over night!

I’d recommend building separate landing and squeeze pages throughout your careers website for each of your divisions. This way your offering can be bespoke to each of your target markets. Tech content for your IT division, Digital Media content to attract talent for your Marketing division and so on. 

If you know you are expecting a recruitment drive for one of your divisions then you will need to add fresh talent and interest to the talent pool prior to the recruitment drive. The best way to do this is to utilise PPC and targeted marketing to your landing pages on your career site.

You can target the specific talent you need on social media such as Linked In, Facebook and Twitter. Generally speaking Linked In is likely to be the most beneficial due to the niche demographics you can aim your marketing to. Below are some examples on the demographics you can target you marketing efforts to:

  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Interests

Utilise these options. Mass media advertising is dead, gone are the days of advertising in media outlets such as general newspapers hoping that at least a small percentage of readers include your target market. Hone in on your target market and own your niche. 

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