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There may be times when you want to ramp up your recruitment efforts. It is a great thing to be able to build an employer brand over time, with your content marketing and pool of applicants working away in the background to fulfil future vacancies. But sometimes you may want a quicker solution and feel that paying for results is the right way to go.

Per-per-click (or PPC) is a great way of spending your budget effectively, as you only pay for those that click through your adverts – as you would expect from the title. The more traditional online job boards require you to pay a fee to advertise your vacancy. This fee is payable upfront (and is usually a large fee) for the privilege of advertising your vacancy on their site, whether it gets you one applicant or several hundred. Your advert may be seen and responded to, or you may find that it gets lost on the site. Sometimes you may just have bad timing with when it is posted and be overshadowed by another opportunity. You may get lucky and find that it gains some traction and you get a lot of interest. PPC means that you only pay the advertiser when someone looks at your advert and decides that it is interesting enough for them to click on to. In this case, you pay for what you get. 

There are some great benefits to pay-per-click advertising in recruitment.


You only pay when someone clicks through the advert to your careers site

The benefit here is that the people likely to click through will be people who are interested in your vacancy. It means that your advert will only cost you money when someone with an interest, and most likely a relevant skill set, clicks on the link in the advert. You don’t pay the traditional job boards the big money to sit there regardless of interest. You pay for the traffic you receive. This method also gives you immediate feedback on whether the advert is working – if you are not getting clicks, you need to make some changes. 


You can set how much you want to spend

Paying upfront for exposure on a job board website can become an expensive way to fill your vacancies. You can set the maximum amount you want to spend per day with PPC, so you know that you are getting to the right people and that you have complete control of what you are spending. It means that you can make the advert be what you want it to be – not what the recruitment board website tells you it has to be.


It keeps control of your applicants

Because you set up the link that your applicants follow, you can set up where that link goes to. Job boards will get the applicants to register with them, meaning that they keep all the details that you may want to keep on file for future use. With PPC, you will direct potential applicants to your own careers website, with all the content we have previously discussed. They then see all the engaging content on your website. They become advocates of what you do and are much more likely to apply. All of the content here belongs to you. There is no third-party content, adverts or rival vacancies.


You get measurable results 

The results with the recruitment boards are measurable by the boards themselves. They know who they have sent where, what the conversion rate is and how effective they have been. But you want this measurement to be in your hands. PPC gives you the ability to measure how effective your campaign has been. It allows you to see if any changes you make are more or less effective and you can track the way your budget has been spent. Business is about control, especially control of cost, and PPC gives you the ability to gain control over your recruitment efforts in a way that recruitment board websites don’t.

PPC works best when your adverts do everything you want them to do. This might sound obvious, but you need to consider what will make a good advert and give you the rate of interest that you require. There are several ways to make sure that your PPC campaign is working at its best. You have to remember certain principles.

Relevance is the absolute key. Your adverts need to find the right audience, so you need to use the right words. An advert that is not relevant to the audience will be ignored, or clicked in error. This goes into the area of keywords and you need to make sure that you have the relevant words that will get your advert seen in all the right places. The job role you are advertising, the industry you are working in and the location of the role are all keywords to feature in the advert so you find the right people.

Working with mobile sites is a larger consideration all of the time. Your talent community will be spending a lot of their time on their smartphone or tablet, so you need to make sure that your advert works on mobile as well. Check out the advert before you make it live to see that it can be easily viewed by your potential audience. The landing page that the applicant clicks through to should be optimised as well. This will be your careers site, so make sure that it works well on smartphones to give the best experience.

You will need to ensure that your adverts perform the way you want them to. If you are running more than one advert this can be a great way to see how effective each advert is. You can check one against the other to see if you need to make any amendments, or whether you need to change them completely. The words that you use will determine the number of people the advert is visible to. You may find that more potential applicants see one set of words than another. Use this information to make your adverts as valuable to your business as possible. 

Make sure that your advert has a call to action. This is one of the most important principles of all marketing because without a call to action, your reader won’t know what to do next. In PPC the call to action will usually be to click a link through to your careers website, but make sure that it is a relevant link that inspires potential new recruits to move their interest to the next level.

The PPC providers such as Google Adwords will have lots of information on how to make the most effective advertising campaign to fill your job vacancy and attract the best talent. Research shows that the early part of the working week is the time when most candidates search and apply for new job roles. Ensure that you have factored this in and that your adverts are running at the right times so that they gain the right audience.

PPC allows you to define the keywords that you do not want to be included. These are known as negative keywords. If you make sure that your negative keywords work for you then you will find a better quality of interest from your adverts and less waste of your budget. If you are looking specifically for one role then you can exclude other similar roles with similar descriptions so you don’t get irrelevant clicks that cost you money.

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