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Why The Focus On UX IS Vital For Recruitment Agency Websites and Apps


Don’t be fooled by the term UX as a buzzword that will disappear over the next few moths or years. Although terms tend to come and go, UX or User Experience is here to stay. In basic terms, it refers to how easy it is for people to use the interfaces on your  recruitment website or app. It might sound obvious, but you will tell a website that has poor UX from a mile off. They just don’t work intuitively.

An audit of the UX on your website might throw up some glaring issues that don’t take a lot of fixing to provide power to what you do. And with the recruitment market being a competitive place to do business, hiring managers and candidates will up sticks and work with someone else if you don’t deliver a smooth and easy process.

What does UX do?
Great question! This is easier to see than to explain. You will know the kind of site that makes things easy for you to use. Think Rightmove, with the use of maps and information making it easier than ever to decide which homes to view and which ones might be a waste of time. Although copious photographs might not work with recruitment, detailed search criterias can transform the way that people understand/find the roles on offer.
This is important because you want to make connections with candidates that fill those roles and keep recruiters on side. Ulitmately generating leads to increase your revenue.

How to make this happen
There are some simple ideas that make your website UX work incredibly well, and don’t cost the earth. Getting this right in the first place is far easier than making changes after the fact, but that doesn’t mean these improvements are impossible. Here are some ideas that will boost your user experience and deliver better results for your business –

Testing and feedback. It can sometimes feel like an extra step in the process slows things down. But gaining feedback from those that use your site will help you to make improvements. Ask the clients and candidates that use your website or app for their honest feedback. This can be done face to face or anonymously through forms such as Survey Monkey. The results will help you to make things run more smoothly in the future.

Segment the different areas of you site. Simply, those that want to search one thing will want that one thing only. Think what might happen to Rightmove if they mixed results for sales and lettings together. It just wouldn’t work anywhere near as well and they would lose market share. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to be all things to all people.

Make data entry easy. We’ve all been through it. An online form that requires you to fill in box after box of compulsory answers to get to the next screen or register. It sends people away in their droves. Make this process as streamlined as possible. If you need an email address and phone number then ask for these and don’t request date of birth, shoe size or anything else that users will feel unnecessary. Contact details will open up a conversation and there’s nothing better than that.
User experience or UX is a vital part of the online job market, so get this right and you will see better results straight away.
If you’d like one of our team to run a free UX audit of your website / app then get in touch with us today.

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