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An introduction to strategic branding & positioning.



We'd like to extend an open invite to all marketers and business owners (even competition)....

It's times like these where 'brand' will prove critically important. And, it's a time where some businesses may need to redefine their message to the market and positioning.

With that in mind, we're going to be running some "Online Brand Sprint" sessions during these frankly uncertain times.

We're hoping this provides some value and gives some valuable insight and ways to work "on" the business to prepare for the bounce back - whenever that happens to arise...


A few topics we'll cover:

  1. 01An intro to brand.
  2. 02Brand anatomy.
  3. 03The brand credits principle.
  4. 04Branding with purpose.
  5. 05Brand personality.
  6. 06Defining traits & values.
  7. 07Your brand manifesto.
  8. 08Visual identity.
  9. 09+ More.

Various times will be set up to accommodate our clients and all interested in both the US & UK.

The group sessions will be around 60 mins and we'll try and make the sessions as interactive as possible and give away our "Brand Insights Workbook" to all attendees.

No selling. Open to all. And open to input from other marketers during the sessions. Let's share ideas.

Simply use the form below to register your interest and we'll contact you to discuss a suitable time.


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