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The Brief.

AES Global is one of South Africa’s fastest-growing tech recruitment agencies. They felt the time had come for a digital refresh to realign with their business objectives to continue driving forward. A minimalistic and clean approach was the direction to go with their rebrand, so they didn't pigeon hold themselves with delivering tech talent into an array of sectors, not just directly into tech companies. As for the website, they wanted a balanced appeal for the 3 C's (Clients, Candidates, Clients), but stated as part of the 5-page lean build they wanted one of those tabs to be 'Join Us' to make it clear they are always welcoming candidates as a business in growth mode.


AES Global


Here's what we did...

  1. 01Brand Strategy.
  2. 02Brand Development.
  3. 03Website Design.
  4. 04Website Development.

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