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The objective of this book is simple: to provide as much value and insight into strategic brand building in as little time as possible.

No business can thrive without a brand. But anything worth doing is never easy. This book has been created to make the complex as simple as possible, so that anyone can dive in and start building a brand.

The short chapters are very much in a jot format, packed with straight-to-the-point advice and views on all things 'brand'. The intention is for business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and marketers to pick this book up and finish it in one or two evenings. Then you can jump back into certain chapters whenever required.


All royalties from the sale of this book go directly to our chosen charity:


Holibobs are dedicated to helping children diagnosed with Cancer and Leukemia spend precious time as a family through the provision of short breaks and holidays.

The book provides insights and strategic guidance into lots of areas of brand building to help our clients and network get match fit and gain market share.


  • 01Branding With Purpose.
  • 02Brand Personality.
  • 03Brand Storytelling.
  • 04Defining Your Brand DNA.
  • 05Brand Differentiation Strategies.
  • 06Plus lots more.

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